Tarekegn Gutu
  • Tarekegn Gutu

    Apricot, peach, strawberry jam


    Ethiopia is not usually known for coffee that is highly traceable and produced by one farm or farmer. This special coffee is produced by Tarekegn Gutu, a generational coffee farmer who left school at an early age. Starting with just half a hectare in 2010, Tarekegn now has 4.8 hectares and is producing exceptional coffee.

    • Origin

      Ethiopia, Tulise, Yirgacheffe


    • About the farm

      Gutu Tarekegn is the eldest son of Gutu Birre, a generational coffee farmer, who grew up helping his Father on their family farm. Tarekegn left school to pursue coffee production, starting with just half a hectare gifted to him by his Father in 2010, he now owns 4.8 hectares.

      It is extremely rare to find Ethiopian coffee produced by single farmers, as most coffee cherries are picked from smallholders farms and delivered for sale at centralised mills or washing stations, which are then blended together with hundreds of other farmers coffees. Tarekegn is an enthusiastic and committed coffee grower who puts time and effort into coffee agronomy and processing methods, to achieve the highest quality possible.


      Through their original farm, Tarekegn and his Father inherited an original local landrace variety known as Karume. In addition to this variety, both have planted 2 varieties known as 74110 and 74112. These are ‘improved’ versions of an heirloom variety found in a neighbouring region Oromia. The Jimma Agricultural Research Centre worked on improving these varieties in the 1970’s for better disease resistance, crop yield and quality. This fully traceable coffee consists of all three varieties, which results in a unique flavour and acidity profile.

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