Single Origin Peru

Single Origin Peru

Our single origin espresso is a medium-light roast.  The whole flavour palate will unfold best as a black coffee. We recommend this roast as a Long Black on an Espresso machine. 



    PERU, Cajamarca, Corazón de Jésus

    Farm: El Huyacan - La Palma

    Farmer: Mariano Centurion Guevara


    Tasting notes

    Winey berries with milk choclate and toffee 


    A little bit about the farmer:

    Mariano is a member of the cooperative Lima Coffees. He grows coffee on 1.5 hectars. After picking the coffee it is depuled shortly after. Then it is fermented dry for 22 hours before being washed at least twice. It‘s dried either on the ground or on raised beds under a roof.


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