Single Origin Colombian

Single Origin Colombian

Our single origin filter is a medium roast to enhance all beautiful flavours in a hot or cold filter coffee. Enjoy it as a batch brew or cold brew coffee: you literally let it cool down and enjoy it with an ice-cube later. :)


    BRAZIL, Carmo de Minas, Carmo Best Cup

    Farm: Nossa Senhora de Aparecida

    Farmer: Silvio Aćassio Assis


    Tasting notes: 

    Dried apple and cranberry with toffee and milk chocolate. Jam and a juicy acidity. 


    A little bit about the farmer:

    Carmo Coffees, a developer and exporter of specialty lots, works with more than 2,000 small- and medium-size farms in Carmo de Minas and has been one of the most active supporters of farmers transitioning from a focus solely on volume to one that takes quality into account.


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